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Thursday, December 1, 2016

LNG-Kinder Morgan-Site C Discussion at length-Blogtalk Radio-LNG, The Very Little Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Canadian Glen and I had a robust conversation on Blogtalk Radio...

The View Up Here......2 hours of intense myth busting, lengthy conversations covering a few of BC's burning issues and scandals...Kinder Morgan.....Site C dam.....LNG....Failed mainstream media and blatant betrayals at the hands of elected politicians...Pour yourself a coffee, tea, ..whiskey, whatever you fancy, kick off your shoes and click the below link....


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Great broadcast. The connection was skookum this time; much better than the first one. Hope there will be many more.

Bill said...

Thanks for the big picture reality update Grant (and Glen)). Great discussion. In BC we clearly have the good , the bad and the ugly. Thanks for this blog cast on the ongoing bad and ugly. The Straight Goods is the good Goods!

With respect to Site C... I think the facts are that it is already beyond the point of no return - it will not recover its costs, it will not pay off its debt. Site C is being built for Liberal political make work. It is not the green solution it is pretending to be, The construction jobs are fleeting. It is a vanity project being built at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. It is already beyond the point of no return environmentally and economically. Only dirty self serving politics is pushing this boondoggle just like they push all their inept boondoggles, as you have continued to expose.

Excellent, thanks for all your work, keep the Blogtalk coming.

Anonymous said...

premier of BC and debt