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Canada. The Colonial Curse. Part V...The Global Reach

Canada. The Colonial Curse...Part V.

The Global Reach

  Written By Robin Mathews, March 2016

Symptoms of the diseased world disintegrating (by design) proliferate confusingly. (The present, apparently endless War in the Middle East and its gigantic refugee crisis is just one, huge symptom. Other symptoms reach from the centre of “international” organizations down to the smallest municipalities.) 

All the more reason to see the fundamental core where the symptoms originate. Then non-governmental populations can organize and act.

          Where It All Centres

The major force at work on the planet is the carefully planned and insanely programmed campaign to erase all organized alternatives to capitalist domination.  The activity goes deeper than the mere erosion and subversion of democratic forms. In brief, it’s called, amorphously, ‘globalization’ to disguise its reality, which is the process of placing capital as the unchallenged governing power (a kind of super government) across the planet: the globalization of capital-as-government.
That core disease and its accompanying ‘symptoms’ are all there – and all dressed up.  They have to be identified and challenged.  That means disrupting – re-examining and openly rejecting - the cultural myths that presently disguise the reality of the status quo.

           This Isn’t The First Time

Since “States” (as imperialist entities) have always partnered with capitalist forces, there is no surprise that the U.S.A. is the core State (though not alone) in the move toward capitalist domination of the planet.  Historically, we remember that in the few years after Columbus “discovered” America in 1492, the Pope of the time, Alexander Vl, gave South America to the crowns of Spain and Portugal. (That the Pope didn’t have the legitimacy to “give” that continent is relevant.  Illegitimate, criminal assumptions and acts ALWAYS accompany the unilateral assertions of power by wealth and imperial government).

After the Restoration of the Monarchy in England in 1660, Charles ll and James ll created free-standing Capitalist Corporate Powers – the East Indian Company, the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Company of Adventurers Trading in Africa (largely a slave-trading operation), etc.  Such chartered companies were commonly given powers of government: criminal and civil jurisdiction, law-making, and even war-making powers in the foreign countries they entered. On what and whose legitimacy…? ...Kings – like present imperialist governments - worked very closely with friends, favourites, and wealthy allies until the aims of government and those of private, profit-seeking people and corporations became almost indistinguishable. 

   “War In Our Time”

Largely buried in the sweet-smelling cultural myth of our day, the truth of the lunge into despotism by the U.S.A. following the Second World War has been carefully disguised as being the result of consultations, negotiations, agreements ... treaties. The intention, with the creation of the United Nations, that trusting countries would remove the scourge of war from the globe was genuine.  The intention was simply pushed aside by the greater power of U.S. imperial ambition, its ‘ownership’ of the NATO military force, and the support it gained for military expansion from its matchlessly wealthy Capitalist Class.

The Bretton Woods Conference (1944) in New Hampshire to create a global financial system and to regulate trade was … in fact, a sham. The key division was based, essentially, on U.S. greed.  English negotiator John Maynard Keynes – one of the great economists – was seeking a just international order in trade and monetary relations.  He proposed methods of creating foreign trade equilibrium (which would have been a gigantic, liberating global initiative).

           The New Criminal Order

The U.S.A., intending to be top dog, economic master, major expansionist imperial power, and “policeman” of the world wanted something totally different.  And got it – for a few very simple reasons.

(1) Britain and much of Europe were bankrupt and, literally, battered to their knees. 

(2) Russia had been cratered and had suffered the loss of an estimated 22 million people.

(3) John Maynard Keynes was dying.

(4) No country had the significant power to challenge the U.S.A.  (The Soviets presciently remarked that what was set up at Bretton Woods were “branches of Wall Street”.)

The fox was let loose among the chickens and has been ravaging the global farmyard ever since. What the world will have to see is that Bretton Woods set the basis for construction of illegitimate (if not criminal) international organizations, courts, commissions and banks … all of which, ultimately, contribute to the greater power of the U.S.A. and the greater wealth of its capitalists and its globally cooperating partners... at the bitter expense of most of the rest of the world.

Slick, and apparently ‘global’, the World Trade Organization is, for instance, in fact, an arm of U.S. policy.  Most recently WTO has backed a U.S. complaint that India dared to have local content requirements and to offer subsidies to encourage local manufacturers of solar energy equipment. The WTO’s strong-arm tactics, many claim, will seriously disrupt the absolutely essential moves to restorative climate action.

Devious manipulations of the Press, conventional Media, electoral systems, climate repair proposals, public infrastructure initiatives, tax policies, and enterprises in foreign places go on continuously.  Rapacious looting of small countries like Honduras and Haiti, and the obvious sheltering of gigantic Tax Havens for the super-rich … are relayed as normal. The list goes on and on and on.  The pattern is set … almost without exception … by the U.S. Imperial giant pretending to be working collegially and cooperatively with other countries.

        And Back Home Here In Canada.

Canada’s deep involvement is set out by Denis Rancourt in Dissident Voice: “The truth is: there is no Canada….”

Plainly, in the way he sets out Canada’s total colonization, Denis Rancourt is right, faultless. But … at the point where he stops action has to begin, new constructions have to be built – a whole new political vision has to be born in Canada ... to join with the shaping political movements and parties in Europe and elsewhere beginning the renewal … that must and will come.

The world’s population (to save the planet and its populations) is beginning to move against the Public Relations Fraud brilliantly imposed by the Global Capitalist Class partnered with the gigantic U.S. Imperial Military Machine.  And the world’s population will succeed. The overthrow of the insane, destructive partnership will be much easier to do than is supposed by some, for the old saying is still true: “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. ...

Written by Robin Mathews


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Jon Ghun said...

Resembles what the gate-keeping chompsky has been saying from his own ivory perch for years now.

Accurate as far as it goes; but what isn't said is as important as what is in 2016. Why not name names and bring things into the light?

When a bunch of wankers get together and orchestrate a giant agenda for the next 70 years, perhaps it behooves us to ask who benefited specifically; and in this case, we might want to ask who gained from the financial terms of bretton woods. The u.s treasury is just an outpost on a bankers' tour of duty. The Exchange Stabilization Fund has mattered a whole lot since 1937. But most money is not created in government; it's issued by the tentacles of the one bank, be it in the privately-held Fed or one of the primary dealers.

This is their "G"reat Work unfolding before our very eyes and there's nary a mention of who or what they are indeed.

Concerns over Xanadian sovereignty seem like such a luxury at this stage, maybe us serfs can't afford it anymore in this new world order.


Anonymous said...

wow, lack of affordable housing has reached a crisis point. Vancouver risks becoming an economic ghost town: a city with no viable economy, other than a service industry catering to wealthy resident and tourist

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I thought this was interesting: