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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"The Best and the Brightest" and "Honourable"

Written by Grant G 

The best and the brightest and Honourable...

Gibberish, foreign tongue or words and phrases without meaning, if one substitutes the word(s) ....scoundrel, liar, felon, perjurer, and or thief for the word "honourable" would you be wrong? 

Think about it, in British Columbia`s 2001 provincial election, during the writ period Gordon Campbell made very specific promises, ah, first, let me remind that in BC`s 1996 provincial election campaign, ( Gordon Campbell`s 1996 campaign manager was David Maclean,  the head man at CN Rail) ..Gordon Campbell had selling off BC Rail in his 1996 election campaign, he lost, Glen Clark and his NDP team won Government..

In 2001, during the campaign Gordon Campbell made specific promises...."I won`t sell BC Rail"......."I will honour all signed labour contracts"...

Yes, indeed, Gordon Campbell after winning the election immediately set the wheels in motion to sell(?) BC Rail to his friend and campaign manager David Maclean who just happened to be the CEO of CN Rail...

HEU contracts and teacher`s contracts were immediately shredded...

The Honourable Gordon Campbell upon gaining power broke his election promises, his contract breaking has been found illegal over and over again in our Supreme courts, the BC Rail corruption trial was a display of unfettered power, of corruption, of in your face unbelievable dog ate my homework utterances from the "best and the brightest" , Wally Oppal comes to mind, what was it that Attorney General Wally Oppal said over and over again?  "No comment on BC Rail as it is before the court" for 6 years before the court silence, for 6 years legal motions, delays, improper appointments, trial delays, missing emails, destroyed records, payoffs, bribery....

We lost our railway, in one fell swoop we lost our railway and our judicial safety-net, no longer could a BC supreme court of law prosecute or criminally charge a sitting government, when documents, when facts, when testimony is bought and sold like a commodity under the noses of judges, when criminals wielding power not only walk free they have their portraits hung in hallowed hallways, and under those portraits is the word "honourable" ...Cast in bronze, honourable, for all eternity the word hounorable is intrisically linked with the name Gordon Campbell...

Funny when you think about it, Gordon Campbell, an adulterer, a liar, a con man, a breaker of laws and serial abuser of power..

Gordon Campbell, a man who should be jailed, or worse, he cost the province $billions, he stole our democracy, he removed the law from Government, not only did Gordon Campbell circumvent the law he showed Christy Clark the way, what law, law for who, for Governments, is to laugh, ....Even our esteemed opposition, John Horgan, even Carole James, they speak glowingly on the public record of the "Honourable" Gordon Campbell.

Revisionist history hoedown,  

Christy Clark, ethnicgate, bollywoodgate, health firings missing data, files frozen along with transitory email abuse, year after year fake investigations are prodded by the stench only to end up being conducted by appointed political staffers and yes people, as in yes to whitewashing and a hell-no to the public`s right to know, silence and memory loss afflicts all branches, Government, the judiciary and most importantly, the press.. 

and as for the phrase "The best and the brightest" .....What does that mean, David Hahn?..Margaret McDiaramid?..Terry Lake...Wally Oppal..David Loukedelis...Bill Bennett...Rich Coleman..Stephanie Cadieux....Colin Hansen...John Dyble...

Portraits of George W Bush...Gordon Muir Campbell, portraits of Stephen Harper and in time portraits of Christy Clark will hang prominently in the hallowed hallways of our Democratic Houses .

Canada, the Canadian public after too many Federal Liberal scandals granted Stephen Harper a minority government and federal training wheels, for 5 years he was trusted with a mere minority government and finally, Canadians felt Stephen Harper deserved a majority chance,......It was 4 years of lies, 4 years of omnibus bills, 4 years of gutting of hard fought environmental laws, 4 long years Canadians watched in horror as a madman, as a corporate controlled madman attempted to change Canada into his personal oily doormat. freedom, democracy and plain old dignity was being torn asunder..

The horror ended officially on October 19th/2015

Stephen Harper, the largest war chest, the longest campaign in Canadian history, handing out cheques, inciting fear, bribing, ad nauseum on radio, on TV, using every dirty trick in the book and thud, mattered not, Canada threw Harper out with a thud because he was as described above, he did nothing noble or brave, Harper wasn`t before his time he was too late, 80 years too late..

Stephen Harper, revisionist history writing media attempted pre-election and even more so post election to colour Stephen Harper gold, a pedestal placing media painted Harper as one of Canada`s great prime ministers, puzzling don`t you think, I and other inquiring minds want to know why, or what, exactly what did Stephen Harper do in power to deserve such accolades?

Could it be how he raised retirement age by two years to 67...Or perhaps Harper is lauded for his too many to count defeats in Canada`s supreme court....Maybe the National Post liked Stephen Harper the book burner, perhaps a lacklustre media believed in time Stephen Harper would burn all reading materials leaving only Globe and Mail and National Post editorials to read..

Maybe our national media is a huge fan of RUST, as in our rust-bucket navy, 5 years ago Harper announced Seaspan and Irving shipyard contracts, 5 years later and still not one piece of steel cut, how many years wasted on a fifth generation fighter jet, perhaps in 5 or 6 generations of time a jet might have been delivered and maybe, just maybe paid for...

I muse to myself, was Harper a friend of the military man, a friend of science, was Harper an environmental steward, a friend of those less fortunate, was Stephen Joseph Harper even a good economist, the answer is ..Hell No...

The Best and the Brightest....Joe Oliver?...Dean Del Maestro, Bruce Carson, Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy, Vic Toews, the list of lawbreakers, scofflaws and bootlicking trained seals is so long..

 When will the mainstream media stop rewriting history, when....How many crimes must a sitting government commit before the media demands blood, demands justice and demands to set the record straight and why is it in-coming Governments ultimately lose the will to prosecute the crimes of the outgoing regimes, such tough talk until once in power then the fire goes out, urgency and repairing the damage done are sidelined and then, on cue new governments become afflicted with memory loss and finally the defeated felons, the leaders of past regimes gone bad get their portraits hung in the hallowed hallways of our Democratic institutions....

Here in British Columbia we have a school drop-out named Christy Clark running around playing yoga games while bribery, corruption and tainted trained seals run amok throughout Government, these deleted email threads and missing files, ...Every contentious issue, every scandal for years comes up non-responsive....Sure must be a lot of incriminating data to hide, it`s the only explanation..

The Best and the brightest and The honourable...

Gordon Campbell stole $billions from British Columbia and he destroyed our provincial judiciary, no longer can the law be trusted to hold government to account..

Stephen Harper was a corporate menace and soon, not in decades but in a matter of a year no one will ever mention the name Harper, he wasn`t great, wasn`t good, Harper wasn`t even bad, Stephen Harper was nothing, Stephen Harper was a corporate puppet covered with strings..

Christy Clark, she is the same, she is nothing but a face and a voice without brain matter, Christy Clark is not what Michael Smyth call hers, Christy Clark is not a brilliant politician she is a bold-faced liar who won the 2013 election on whopper lies..

On LNG and a Trillion dollars.....Isn`t that right Pamela Martin..

The Best and the Brightest and Honourable also goes out to our domestic British Columbia media..

How goes that LNG cheer-leading Michael Smyth?...

No big LNG projects will ever be built in British Columbia, there may be an exception in Woodfibre LNG, and the only reason that tiny little project might get built is because we the taxpayer are paying for the pipeline, providing the gas through Fortis and our domestic gas rates..

In other words BCers are going to pay for the Woodfibre project and Sukanto Tanoto, the mass murdering environmental criminal will operate and profit from the facility..

Is to laugh, the only one in the province to accurately predict the LNG future, the only one to tell the straight goods on a sunset LNG industry was ....The Straight Goods.


The best and the brightest and honourable Christy Clark will be known for wasting $15 billion dollars on expensive Site C power, not-needed hydroelectric energy to power up an LNG industry that will never exist in British Columbia...

And when BCers finally toss out Christy Clark and elect a new, and hopefully improved Government Christy Clark`s picture too will hang in our hallowed hallways along with Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper..

 Justice is blind and memories are short, hmm, that sounds like a great, new and accurate name for PostMedia..

PostMedia, Where Justice is blindfolded and memories are short

That sounds about right

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

All too true.

Good to have you back.


Anonymous said...

You have just killed my optimism buzz from the federal election by reminding me of the cesspool that the B.C. government is and has been for 15 years.The names, the "deeds",and the lies are so overwhelmingly depressing.But, we have to remember all of this because too many in the "msm"not only fail to remind us of this but go out of their way to obfuscate all the law breaking by these thugs.Thanks for the reminder and I will be ready with facts come election time.

John's aghast said...

Unfortunately Anon @ 9:57, you and I won't make a difference. I rode around in my $25/month rental wheelchair last election to no avail. They still got in. The lies and misdeeds are the same - will we get the same results? I am very depressed, but what can you do but soldier on. I take solace that there are many worse off than I, but I don't want to be one of them through the actions of the Lieberals.
If you make your bed, then you sleep in it. But went some crook makes my bed, then I take umbrage with the results.
"I'm mad as hell and I seem to be taking it anyway."

Anonymous said...

Campbell should be locked up. And a few others as well.

Anonymous said...


Can you imagine what the Deas replacement will end up costing? And, who wins that contract, as long as the lieberals are in power. Hmm. But, before anything like this is undertaken, the Deas, the Patullo has needed replacing for years, long before the Pt Mann, so imo, that should be the 1st on the list for replacement. Get the oversized trucks off of it for good.
Also, the talk of all this road pricing etc., it's time to bring in hours for transport of goods. No transport trucks at certain hours of the day. That would help to alleviate congestion.

Anonymous said...

There is no honour in the current regime in Victoria, none. Hasn't been in this party since at least 2001 and well before that. The lies started at least in 1996.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...