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(Written October 15th, 2012) Justin The Thunderbolt Trudeau

 Hello friends, readers, bloggers and political junkies, I needed to rerun a Straight Goods article from October 15 2012..

You all, most of you scoffed at me then, ridiculed my opinion, sometimes in life clarity, vision and even the future is apparent, sadly too many people , even good people are blinded by partisan politics...


The Straight Goods ..... (Grant G October 20th/2015)




October 15th, 2012


Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau

Alise Mills, Norman Specter, Stephen Harper and Especially Sun News and Ezra Levant

There is fear in your voices and trembling in your written words, bombastic name calling of Justin Trudeau, blaming his father, the mother, lightweight, insufferable, no policies, fickle, well, as reported here at the Straight Goods, Justin Trudeau is indeed a superstar, Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau...And for the record, I`m not a Federal Liberal groupee, I am a staunch NDPer...However, I would vote for kilt wearing little people(midgets) if it meant tossing Harper out on his ass...Adios Stephen Treason Harper...

You Stephen Treason  Harper lost British Columbia and Ontario will gladly toss you out on your ass, Ontario, like British Columbia is not locked into a red-neck religious right dogma, we are not Alberta or flathead, err, flatland prairies, .....For those that missed this post, for those that didn`t believe...Here`s Nik on the numbers, The Globe n Mail, link to comments, and of course, The Straight Goods...

 Trudeau’s leadership bid boosts Liberals in recent poll 



 Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau

Written by Grant G

The contrast of political fortunes is striking, on one hand we have a shooting star blazing a trail across Canada and on the other hand we have a comedy of errors, actually it`s far worse than that, Christy Clark has descended into a sad pathetic role, she`s been exposed as unintelligent, shallow scripted soap opera actress, playing a role and playing it badly, there will be no Emmy award coming her way..

Christy Clark, a lifetime Federal Liberal member, the reason a right wing BC Liberal(Liberal in name only) party chose her as leader was obvious, who would want Kevin Falcon as premier, Mike De Jong or Mr. milktoast, George Abbott, the BC Liberal hierarchy was banking on pure sex appeal and name recognition to carry the day and win the election, it was a strategy that may have worked if Christy Clark called an election the day after she won party leadership, she didn`t and that was her fatal flaw, for time, time revealed her glaring shortcomings, can`t think on her feet, doesn`t know the issues, inability to speak English, day by day the real unqualified Christy emerged while the illusion of skilled debater and speaker waned, the one-time radio voice with cut-off button nearby crashed, for without the ability to hit the kill button and cherry pick callers the game quickly ended and reality crashed in on both Christy Clark and her handlers..

Long in the tooth old Socreds who dominated the BC Liberal backrooms soon became frustrated, ill-tempered and panicky, the genie was out of the bottle and internal revolt was soup de jour, what was Christy to do, a long time Federal Liberal being stalked by angry old white men, well of course, Christy Clark needed to prove she had Federal Conservative credentials and brought in Ken Boesenkool as her chief-of-staff, surely this move would satisfy the cranks, it did, for a millisecond, the poll numbers went the other way, for the name Stephen Harper had already turned to mud, assaulting BCers pensions, de-funding healthcare, closing coast guard bases, radar stations and slashing food inspectors and not to mention the robo-call scandal, which is working it`s way through the courts, there was also Bay street hedge fund manager Joe Oliver calling British Columbians radicals and terrorists for speaking up for our environment, the flavour had changed, Christy Clark jumped on the Federal Conservative band wagon at the same time Canada was egging and tomatoing Harper off the stage, did no one notice, did no one in the BC Liberal party see the changing tide, could they not smell the Harper stench...

And today, Christy Clark is still a life long Federal Liberal, yes Stephan Dion was a cruel joke, he too couldn`t speak English, well, if you get right down to it Michael Ignatief, Stephan Dion and Christy Clark, none can speak English fluently enough to persuade the electorate, one in need of a Rosetta stone, another who talked down to Joe average and one that still needs to complete her GED...

Rather than Christy Clark being herself and vying for the center Liberal vote she cast her Federal pals under the bus, she took a Harper plunge and hit her head on the bottom of the pool and what`s so ironic, if only she bided her time and told those old white haired Socreds to get stuffed and stayed in the middle, for if she did that she could`ve jumped on Justin Trudeau`s rising star, and let`s be perfectly clear, Justin Trudeau terrifies Stephen Harper, forget the lightweight monicker, forget his mother, or father the man has sex appeal, charm and raw intelligence, he also possesses a rare thing, the wow factor, yes Justin Trudeau gave the Conservative party the big middle finger in the House of Commons, but he did far more than that, for charity Justin went into the ring and fought(with gloves) a big fat over-stuffed Federal Conservative MP and shoved his fist over and over down his opponents throat, the Conservative MP was left laying on the ground gasping for air and pleading for mercy and that my friends is the wow factor...

Meanwhile poor uneducated Christy, exposed Canada wide as a shallow fluttering butterfly who flits from flower to flower leaving her mark, churning through Chiefs of Staffs faster than Gordon Campbell did mistresses, how does that saying go....

"beauty is only skin deep but dumb is forever"

The game is over for Christy Clark, her attempts of a public pissing contest against unions, teachers and Adrian Dix backfired, the only one covered with urine is Christy Clark herself, something about a hurricane, I`ll leave that one to your imagination..

Stephen Harper, the man is terrified of Justin Trudeau, a young charming attractive man with a young family, no white hair, not afraid to speak, Quebec will never turn for Stephen Harper, that Province which is now painted Orange is willing to vote Federal Liberal Red, willing to vote separatist, willing to vote any colour but Conservative blue...

 Alberta doesn`t matter, with all the gangbang bullying going on, Ottawa and Alberta, those two teaming up against the rest of Canada, it hasn`t gone unnoticed, that alone will change the vote in riding rich Ontario, for one only need to take a short glance at the 2010 Federal election results in Ontario to see that with a.....

Charming, aggressive well versed and ultra skilled politician, one that female voters swoon over, with name recognition, and good hair(sorry El Bloatto), a man that backs up his tough talk with tough fists in the real ring, I can already see the ads running, Justin`s arm held up high by a referee while the Conservative lay on the ground bleeding and weeping...Ah, an instant classic..

There were so many ridings in Ontario which Conservatives won but by a margin so small, with Canadians rejecting Michael Ignatief, he didn`t even win his own seat, just imagine how many of those ridings, ridings full of baby boomers and seniors who value both healthcare and pensions, not to mention a good steak, the question isn`t ..

Will ridings in Ontario turn from blue to red? the question will be...

How many ridings in Ontario will turn from blue to red?

Here are a few examples...


 Welcome to the big leagues Justin, I wish you well..

Ajax, Ont.


Conservative-24 797  44.1% 


Liberal-           21 569  38.3% 

Conservative-19 907  34.4 %

 NDP-           19 368  33.5 %

Liberal-        16 402  28.4 %
  Don Valley East/Don Valley-Est

Conservative-14 422  36.8%

Liberal-          13 552  34.6% 


Don Valley West/Don Valley-Ouest

Conservative-22 962  42.9% 

Liberal-         22 351  41.8%

Joe Oliver-Conservative-22 652  46.8%
Joe Volpe-Liberal -         18 590  38.4%
 Etobicoke Centre/Etobicoke-Centre

Conservative-21 644  41.2%

Liberal-         21 618  41.2%

Conservative-21 997  40.3%

Liberal-         19 128  35.1%

Conservative-27 039  40.9%

Liberal-         24 895  37.6%
 London North Centre/London-Centre-Nord

Conservative-19 468  37.0%

Liberal-         17 803  33.8 %

Conservative-22 104  43.9%

Liberal-         18 651  37.0%


Conservative-15 495  36.7%

Liberal-         15 477  36.6%


You can peruse more riding results here...But as you can see, with a popular well schooled leader a dozen ridings go the other way..Adios Stephen Treason Harper.


Yes indeed, Justin Trudeau is a political rock star and Christy Clark is Canada`s national joke, our own version of Sarah Palin, only with fewer brain cells and not as sexy...

Oh what could have been Christy.....

Welcome to the big leagues Justin, I wish you well..

Updated here, October 5th/2012....Hmmm, looks like my instincts were correct.


Updated again here..November 21/2012..From the very right wing and Harper friendly newspaper....The National Post


• Trudeau Liberals – 39%
• Harper Conservatives – 30%
• Mulcair New Democrats – 23%

"If an election were held today, a Liberal party led by Justin Trudeau would win a strong minority government from Canadians while the NDP would tumble to a distant third, a new poll suggests.
Under Trudeau, 39% of respondents in a Forum Poll for the National Post said they would vote for the Grits, while the Conservatives would take 30% and the NDP would fall to 23% — less than a quarter of the popular vote.
Those numbers would win the Liberals 150 seats in the Commons, just short of the 155 needed to have a majority in the 308-seat House.
“It’s clear by now that the Trudeau phenomenon is no one-day wonder, and that a Liberal Party led by him would be the prohibitive favourite to beat in the next federal election,” Forum Research President Dr. Lorne Bozinoff said."


The Straight Goods

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