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British Columbia Liberal Government Are Deliberate Liars, Vaughn Palmer, Sean Leslie and Michael Smyth are A Disgrace TO Journalism, MORE LNG LIES EXPOSED(The Proof Is Here)

Written by Grant G

The media in Brutish Columbia is a journalistic joke, those clowns toss around numbers, facts and figures like a Bear Stearns accountant, made up phony garbage, today BC Liberal stooge and radio voice Sean Leslie was calling Petronas`s proposed Prince Rupert LNG  project..."A $46 BILLION DOLLAR PROJECT"...

HAVE THE MEDIA NO MORALS, THEY CAN`T BE THAT STUPID, ...For one...The media keep saying Petronas`s project proposal is a $36 billion dollar project, american greenback dollars. $36 billion dollar.....

The number is spurious, meaningless, the project components aren`t being built in the USA, they are being built in South Korea, China, Japan...The fact that Petronas may have monies in a bank account, monies that are in US dollars, when Petronas buys LNG plant components in South Korea they will pay in South Korean currency, the US greenback has risen against all currencies, not just the Canadian $dollar...

Our BC media....If Petronas was using British Columbia labour(if)...And Petronas uses US $dollars...If a Canadian labourer was being paid $30 dollars Canadian per hour, ...That would cost Petronas only $23 dollars in American currency...Our BC Media keep spinning the Petronas project cost upwards, ..Today Sean Leslie was using the $ Canadian dollar figure...$46 billion dollars for Petronas`s project..

Yet Petronas isn`t buying American made LNG components, Petronas isn`t using American labour...Every part, every piece of Petronas`s project is coming from Asia...Asia`s currency has fallen against the US Greenback too...So..

 So Petronas is not spending $46 billion Canadian, what Petronas has suggested it will spend in Canada on a LNG terminal is a mere $9 to $10 billion dollars(Canadian)...With $7 to $8 billion dollars of that money being spent in Asia, not British Columbia...

Even if Petronas was spending $36 billion dollars on LNG in BC...And that original $dollar figure was in US dollars, the fact that the Canadian dollar fell in value against our American neighbor...Petronas`s cost of doing business in Canada has become 22% cheaper...All BC Labour costs are down...And the fact that Petronas isn`t buying LNG plant components that are made in the USA....But buying components that are made in Asia...Again, Petronas`s initial cost estimate of  three years ago has fallen....

Our media, Vaughn Palmer, Sean Leslie, Michael Smyth, they deliberately skew the financial numbers in order to prop up the BC Liberals...

It`s all bullshit, Petronas`s proposed Lelu island project is to cost a mere $11 billion dollars, not $36 billion, not $46 billion not a Quadrillion trillion million Ugandan peso....

In fact the number $36 billion US dollars is fictional too....Where did that number come from?...It popped up during a Stephen Harper (federal Government) visit to Bali several years ago... The year was 2013....

The number was  pure fantasy, fictional....Why you ask was the number fictional...?

Let us go back to 2013....Stephen Harper at that time in history was feeling the heat for okaying the the Chinese National company CONOC`s takeover of the Canadian company NEXUS...And for okaying Petronas to takeover the Canadian energy company Progress Energy...

Harper was getting backlash within Canada...So, while in Bali attending this meeting the Prime Minister of Malaysia just flung that $36 billion dollar number out there, with no context, with no further explanation of what, when or where...The number befuddled everyone in the Federal Government and to this day that investment number $36 billion dollars has never been clarified..

Here is what I remember from that time in 2013....Petronas proposed an LNG project for Prince Rupert...The cost for the LNG Terminal, the pipeline and adding in the cost of the Progress energy company takeover($6 billion dollars)...All total...In 2013...$6 billion for taking over Progress energy...$10 billion for Prince Rupert LNG terminal and $3 billion for a pipeline from Northeast BC to Prince Rupert, for a grand total of $19 billion dollars($13 billion excluding the cost of taking over Progress Energy, $6 billion)...

The number being bandied about in 2013 was....$19 billion dollars all in....Then the Harper trip to Bali, and this happened....(CBC article)


Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Bali for an Asia-Pacific leaders' summit Sunday bearing what could be called a $36-billion vote of confidence from Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas company.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mohd Najib sprung the "gargantuan" investment figure during a joint availability with Harper in Putrajaya, saying Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas company Petronas has committed to construction of a liquid natural gas plant in British Columbia and the pipeline to feed it.

"I'm told that this is the largest direct foreign investment in Canada by any country," Najib said, flanked by Harper following a formal welcoming ceremony at a sprawling new government precinct outside the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Najib called it a "significant landmark decision" by Petronas, which last year spent more than $5 billion buying Alberta-based Progress Energy Inc.

The Petronas takeover, and a bigger oil patch buyout by China's state-owned CNOOC, prompted months of hand-wringing by the Harper government. It approved the deals late last year but at the same time introduced new rules that permit majority takeovers of Canadian companies by state-owned enterprises only in the most exceptional circumstances.

The policy change put a major chill on direct foreign investment in Canada by so-called SOEs, and analysts have recently begun questioning whether the Conservative policy shift is scaring off much-needed foreign capital.

Najib rode to Harper's defence Sunday, calling the promised Petronas infrastructure investment a testament "to the level of confidence we have in the policies of the Canadian government."

Harper's reaction to the news was almost muted, by contrast.

"Look, we view the Petronas investments very positively and all the indications I have is that Petronas is looking at further investment," said the prime minister.

"The government of Canada is very excited about that possibility, as are all those I've talked to in the energy sector."

However the Prime Minister's Office declined to provide any details of the promised $36 billion investment, referring reporters to Petronas for details. Provincial officials in B.C. had spoken in June of a $19 billion LNG plant and pipeline investment by Petronas,.....

 and it wasn't clear Sunday where the whopping new total comes from.

Both Najib and Harper flew with their separate delegations to Indonesia following the Sunday morning meeting in Malaysia.

Regardless, the announcement provides Harper a much-needed shot in the arm as he brings Canada's trade and investment message to Bali.


You see that, the $36 billion dollar investment number was bogus in 2013 and it is even more bogus today, the number is a fraudulent $dollar figure....In fact even the $11. 2 billion dollar figure for Petronas`s LNG Terminal in Prince Rupert is a Fraud...Of that $11 billion dollar cost $8 billion is being spent overseas, not in Canada, not in British Columbia


Petronas wants engineering work for B.C. LNG venture to be shifted offshore

VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail
Last updated

Petronas plans to push contractors to shift more engineering work for a proposed B.C. liquefied natural gas venture to lower-cost centres offshore as the Malaysian energy giant squeezes suppliers.

Of the total $11.4-billion in estimated construction costs for the Petronas-led Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal at Lelu Island, there would be $8-billion worth of imported goods and services spread over a five-year period.
 It is in that international component where Petronas hopes to find the bulk of cost savings, but the state-owned company will cast a wide net abroad and in Canada, including having TransCanada Corp. re-examine ways to make its proposed $5-billion natural gas pipeline project more efficient.


And it`s not just Petronas, British Gas(BG Group)....They too told the public years ago that if they built a LNG plant in British Columbia that it would come from South Korea on barges, in modular form and merely be assembled in B.C....Those facts reported everywhere, except in the Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW, Global BC, CTV...Every big media outlet seems to have missed that information, or should I say, failed to report the truth on purpose..


"BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.

 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" 


So not only is our BC Media gutless liars and BC Liberal talking point puppets...They are exaggerating the numbers, spinning the numbers from American to Canadian dollars, making the cost appear even higher when the fact is, ....Petronas`s BC proposed project has gotten cheaper, not more expensive...

To this day, that investment dollar discrepancy in 2013....From $19 billion for Terminal, Pipeline and Progress Energy buy-out cost(all in)..To the $36 billion $dollar investment number "Sprung" on Stephen Harper has never been explained...Why? because it`s all about the game of con...We know the BC Liberals live in a Con-The-Public-World....However, our media are complicit enablers too...Not one major media will ask the BC Liberals to quantify that $36 billion dollar number...In fact the BC Liberals can`t quantify the number  either, because it is a made up piece of fiction...

Don`t expect gutless, lazy, bought media, don`t expect journalistic lie tellers to ever come clean, or to do stellar work....Sean Leslie..Michael Smyth..Vaughn Palmer are liars, cheats, they are BC Liberal spindoctors disguised as journalists...Not one of those Media personalities ever tell the truth when it comes to the BC Liberals..

They are godamn lying provincial sellouts, ....They are media liars attempting to hoodwink the public, those media conmen are lying, with malice, they`re lying on purpose...Everyone of those three media stooges have the information I`m providing....They refuse to tell the truth...

They deserve to have any journalistic accreditation they may possess to be pulled...

Well...now what..?

David Keane...The spokesperson for the BCLNGA(British Columbia Liquid Natural Gas Alliance)...The audacity of those industry pimping whores...Petronas IS A MEMBER of the BCLNGA...So you tell me, on the last day of debate on the BC Liberals`s generational sell-out legislation..On the last day of debate, David Keane, the spokesperson for Petronas comes out swinging for more..

David Keane said of all the BC Liberal tax breaks, all the guarantees, David Keane said...and I quote.

"Not enough" ....David Keane said LNG companies should not have to pay the provincial PST, they shouldn`t have to pay a carbon tax and...And that those foreign owned energy companies should be able to have unfettered access to Temporary Foreign Workers...(read the not so subtle threats here)


The audacity, to ask for more LNG financial breaks on the last day of debate on what was already deemed a British Columbia sell-out by the BC Liberal Government...Oh indeed..These LNG companies will not be building a $10 billion dollar Prince Rupert LNG terminal unless they get more...This was a shot across the bow of the SS BC Liberal Ship ....A pathetic piece of BC Liberal legislation on LNG..a piece of legislation where the ink is still wet, and before the ink was dry the LNG industry whores are crying for more...Why didn`t they cry for these added incentives BEFORE the legislation was debated..Why only when this first bit was rammed through?...Why..That answer is simple, when Petronas says no to investing $11 billion dollars(Not $36 billion, not $46 billion) When Petronas says no later this year the BC Liberals will be forced(politically) to give in to Petronas..Christy Clark`s 2017 election chances depend on it...So, only after the LNG industry got the first basket of financial goodies legislated into law that they come out and ask for more...Right?..What`s another two or three financial giveaways at this point, you are almost 89% of the way there now...

That`s what these LNG energy company thieves are up too....Don`t expect our corrupt corporate owned media to tell you the truth or to even stop lying...How hard can it be to clarify that $36 billion dollar number, it was fake in 2013 and even more fake today..

 OK...Now that we have taken care of that BC Liberal and media lie.....There`s more bad news for BC`s LNG fantasy...

Iran,,,,Iran has had their sanctions lifted, and Iran wants to sell their natural gas to China and India...And if you think BC has a lot of natural gas...We know Christy Clark and Rich Coleman have lied about BC`s natural gas reserves,....Iran doesn`t need to lie....If BC has 150 years worth of natural gas...

Iran has 1500 years worth of conventional natural gas, no need for fracking, big, deep plentiful supplies of conventional natural gas...From Wikipedia..


List of countries by natural gas proven reserves


Total  World 187,300,000,000,000
1  Russia 48,700,000,000,000 12 June 2013 est.[5]
2  Iran (see: Natural gas reserves in Iran) 33,600,000,000,000 12 June 2013 est.[7]
3  Qatar 24,700,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
4  Turkmenistan 17,500,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
5  United States 9,860,000,000,000 12 December 2013[9][10]
6  Saudi Arabia 8,600,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
7  Iraq 6,400,000,000,000 1 January 2012 est.[11]
8  Venezuela 5,724,500,000,000 19 July 2011[12]
9  Nigeria 5,100,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
10  Algeria 4,502,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
11  Bolivia 4,495,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.[13][14]
12  Australia 4,300,000,000,000 1 January 2014 est.[11]
13  China (see: Natural gas in China) 3,100,000,000,000 1 January 2012 est.[11]
14  Indonesia 3,001,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
15  Malaysia 2,350,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
16  Norway 2,313,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
17  United Arab Emirates 2,250,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
18  Kazakhstan 1,900,000,000,000 12 June 2013 est.[15]
19  Uzbekistan 1,841,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
20  Kuwait 1,798,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
21  Canada (see: Natural gas in Canada) 1,754,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.



So, now we have the second largest natural gas reserve country entering the LNG and piped natural gas game...

And actions speak louder than BC Liberal or BC Media words..


China to Build Pipeline From Iran to Pakistan

Long-thwarted project gets go-ahead as Islamabad anticipates lifting of sanctions on Iran

ISLAMABAD—China will build a pipeline to bring natural gas from Iran to Pakistan to help address Pakistan’s acute energy shortage, under a deal to be signed during the Chinese president’s visit to Islamabad this month, Pakistani officials said.

The arrival of President Xi Jinping is expected to showcase China’s commitment to infrastructure development in ally Pakistan, at a time when few other countries are willing to make major investments in the cash-strapped, terrorism-plagued country.

The pipeline would amount to an early benefit for both Pakistan and Iran from the framework agreement reached earlier this month between Tehran and the U.S. and other world powers to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The U.S. had previously threatened Pakistan with sanctions if it went ahead with the project.

We’re building it,” Pakistani Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasitold The Wall Street Journal. “The process has started.”
In Washington, U.S. officials said details of sanctions will be negotiated as part of a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran due in June.
“We aren’t going to speculate as to how any solutions we may reach in that regard could impact on any particular proposed business ventures,” a State Department official said late Wednesday, adding that “significant support to Iran’s energy sector, such as providing significant investment or technology,” could still result in sanctions under the framework agreement last week....
 Dubbed the “Peace Pipeline,” the project will further bolster improving ties between Pakistan and Iran, uneasy neighbors for decades as a result of Pakistan’s ties to Iran’s long-term adversaries, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.
The pipeline will bring much-needed gas to Pakistan, which suffers from a crippling electricity deficit because of a shortage of fuel for its power-generation plants. Pakistan has been negotiating for months behind the scenes for China to build the Pakistani portion of the pipeline, which will cost up to $2 billion.
Tehran says that its 560-mile (900-kilometer) part of the pipeline from an Iranian gas field is complete and has long pressed Pakistan to build its part of the scheme.

Pakistan hasn’t begun construction, however, in light of threatened U.S. sanctions for trading with Iran. Islamabad had sought to work around the sanctions by asking the Chinese to build the pipeline but not yet connect it to the Iranian portion. The prospect of an Iran nuclear agreement, which would ease sanctions in stages once the deal is completed, has given Islamabad further impetus to clear the project. Among the first sanctions to be lifted, according to the framework accord, would be the ban on Iran energy exports.

“This [Iran nuclear agreement] will help us in getting a few things which were coming into the way of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline to be cleared and we will move forward,” Pakistan’s ambassador to Iran, Noor Muhammad Jadmani, said Sunday in Tehran, according a report on IRNA, the official Iranian news agency.

Pakistan is negotiating with China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, a subsidiary of Chinese energy giant China National Petroleum Corporation, to build 435 miles (700 kilometers) of pipeline from the western Pakistani port of Gwadar to Nawabshah in the southern province of Sindh, where it will connect to Pakistan’s existing gas-distribution pipeline network.....

 Islamabad believes the Iranian gas is the cheapest and simplest energy supply option for Pakistan. Pakistan will also start to take liquefied natural gas from Qatar, and it remains in protracted multicountry negotiations over a pipeline that would bring gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to supply Pakistan and India


 So, Iran, China and Pakistan are going to build a natural gas pipeline to Islamabad...That sounds like more bad news for British Columbia...It is, but it gets worse...

Do you see the number 7 country on natural gas reserves...That country is Iraq...Iraq has 5 times the natural gas reserves of Canada(Iran has 10 times Canada`s Natural Gas reserves)...

Iraq wants in on the action too...So, breaking news...



Construction of a pipeline that would enable Pakistan to import liquefied natural gas from China has kicked off, Pakistan’s Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said. 

China and Pakistan will jointly fund the construction of the 700 km long pipeline, Press Trust of India reports.

Minister added that Chinese funds will help the energy-starved Pakistan complete the Iraq-Pakistan gas pipeline.

The central hub for the China Pakistan economic corridor, that aims to link Gwadar to the rest of Pakistan, will be the Gwadar port.

Pakistan recently started LNG imports through Engro Elengy operated terminal in a push to cut reliance on conventional fuels for its power generation. Engro Elengy chartered Excelerate Energy’s 150,900 cbm FSRU Exquisite which is docked at Port Qasim where Pakistan’s first LNG import facilities with a regasification capacity of 4.5 mtpa, are located.



Ok...So here is the deal....The Pakistan and Indian market for LNG and natural gas is gone, Iran, Iraq and Turkmenistan have beat British Columbia, both in terms of proximity and price, conventional gas versus high-priced fracked gas...

Petronas and the BCLNGA have now come out with both barrels blazing demanding the BC Liberal Government drop(For Petronas and all other lNG companies)our PST(Provincial Sales Tax)..Drop our carbon tax and allow unfettered access for TFWs, and not just during construction and or for plant operations...Petronas and the BCLNGA also want the ability to have TFW`s do all the Northeast British Columbia fracking! That`s right, Petronas wants to bring in their own indentured temporary workers for fracking in northeast BC...

And without assurances from the BC Liberal Government on ALL those remaining/outstanding tax issues there will be NO FID...NADA, ZIPPPO, NUTTIN but more hot air talk..

But...Even with all of that, ...The current Asian price for delivered LNG is $7.30 per million BTU`s..

Petronas needs a price between $11 dollars and $12 dollars per MMBTU to break even, they need a higher price to actually turn a profit....So unless the B.C. Liberal Government surrenders every bit of provincial revenue related to Petronas`s operation it can`t run at a profit...

Over to you Christy Clark...How long until you offer Petronas money to take our natural gas?

If anyone wants to read a real good(long) article on the financial structure required to make money on LNG in British Columbia they need to read this...One will quickly come to the conclusion that these energy giants can`t make any money on BC natural gas unless we pay them to take it..



Don`t expect Michael Smyth, Vaughn Palmer or Sean Leslie to speak the truth on LNG, they are deliberate liars, journalistic sellouts, ..Yea, journalists can misspell a word or two, bad editing, but as long as the written words are the truth, that`s fine...As for BC`s media....I have one request..

Breakdown that $36 billion($46 billion Canadian) Petronas project and tell us BCers where the money is, or where the money is to be spent..Quantify the investment number..

We have come to expect the BC Liberals of lying about everything...Now(still) our media are lazyass liars, not a single finger lifted in effort to suss out Petronas`s project cost...They refuse, they won`t, they won`t ever write in the press any information that proves they were inept, they will continue to lie about Petronas and LNG until the facts hit them in the head..

I won`t hold my breath waiting on our media!


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open





Anonymous said...

trillion dollar
100k jobs
400 m bollywood viewers
deleted emails
whatever it takes to win

Anonymous said...

I also read recently that the overall figure also factors in Petronas’s $5.2-billion acquisition of Progress Energy Canada in 2012.

Guy in Vic

Grant G said...

Guy in Victoria...I mentioned that fact in the article...Cut n pasted from above..

"Here is what I remember from that time in 2013....Petronas proposed an LNG project for Prince Rupert...The cost for the LNG Terminal, the pipeline and adding in the cost of the Progress energy company takeover($6 billion dollars)...All total...In 2013...$6 billion for taking over Progress energy...$10 billion for Prince Rupert LNG terminal and $3 billion for a pipeline from Northeast BC to Prince Rupert, for a grand total of $19 billion dollars($13 billion excluding the cost of taking over Progress Energy, $6 billion)...?

You see Guy...That $36 billion dollar lie, the 2013 made up investment dollar figure went unchallenged by the media, there it laid collecting dust...Over the last 2 1/2 years various media and spindoctors repeated the lie..BC Liberals pounced on it, repeated the lies so many times, now that big fake investment dollar figure is mainstream...

Only The Straight Goods have continually debunked the $$$$ number..

By the way Guy...Spending $6 billion dollars to takeover an existing company is NOT INVESTMENT dollars..

Fuck the media...Haven`t watched Global news or CTV news in over a year..Don`t have cablevision, put cablevision in the dustbin, don`t need to pay for propaganda and lies!... I source all my information online.

John's Aghast said...

Grant, I hate to change the topic somewhat to Site C, my other bug bear. BC Hydro had announced job fairs in the Peace country for the end of July. These have now been postponed until September. What bothers me is the list of proponents and how they were arrived at. In the 'good old days' hydro used to advertise their construction projects. Bids were received, opened and read in public. Not anymore.
Their list of favoured proponents includes ATCO for camp construction (to house the thousands of TFWs Chrispy is supporting), Morgan Construction and Environmental and Paquette Construction. I would like to know who Morgan (with 50 years experience in dam construction) is. I have almost 60 years heavy construction experience in BC, AB and the Yukon and have never heard of Morgan Construction. Neither have any of my many associates! Why award to an Alberta company which pays no PST, pays little or no provincial income tax? What was the value of the contract, and more to the point, why are we going ahead with this braindead project which is undergoing intense litigation? Will this end up being another Boss Mine giveaway?
Has anyone any answers?

Grant G said...

"He who pays the piper calls the tune"

John...Site C dam is all about providing electricity for a still non-existent LNG industry..

I expect the BC Liberals to play a grand charade, they profess a urgent desire to Build Site C....I expect the lawsuits to slow down any major work, thus giving Petronas more time to announce a FID..

However, I still doubt Petronas will move forward...Petronas can`t make the 2019 deadline for delivering LNG to their consortium partners, thus the partners have a contract out..

Iran..Iraq..China and Pakistan are teamed up to supply themselves middle-east gas, non-fracked cheap conventional gas..

And Japan..The Sendai number 1 nuclear plant got the final okay to restart, it will be fired up within a few weeks, it`s being loaded with nuclear fuel as we speak..

That one nuclear plant restart will trigger four more nuclear plant restarts within a year..

Thus Japan as a landing spot for Petronas LNG is a big question mark...Plus, the BCLNGA are squealing for more pork from British Columbia..It`s all falling apart for Christy..

As for who`s who in dam construction, can`t answer without researching, however, I wold check for political donations from Morgan to the BC Liberal party..

Site C dam..LNG proposals...Which came first, the chicken or the egg...?

Petronas, if they do build in BC(IF)...Site C dam won`t be ready until 2022 at the earliest...Petronas could wait until 2018 before putting shovels in the ground..

Oh, one more thing..Oil droppewd under $50 dollars per barrel, it is expected oil will reach new low prices within months($42 dollars)...North American LNG sales are based on Henry Hub plus..

With oil in the $40 dollar range...Petronas can only lose money, ...Alberta and Canada is screaming for OPEC to cut oil output..Ain`t going to happen, the OPEC members are deliberately trying to squeeze both Alberta and USA tight shale oil market, they`re protecting their turf...

It`s starting to get real interesting..


Grant G said...

In response to Mr. White`s words early this morning...Thanks for the kind words..

If you wish to contact me...Send me an email..


Anonymous said...

As you said Grant: " .Haven`t watched Global news or CTV news in over a year " I'm proud to say that I too never watch those biased news outlets. Turned them off at least 5 years ago. You are 100% right on that 36 Billion dollar figure. No one in government or the media can break it down, but repeating it a hundred times a day is easier. Total idiots.

Guy in Vic

Anonymous said...

What's that green day song.?BC Becoming Enron?is BC the what did we just approve province?

Anonymous said...

Export to drive up price?


Anonymous said...

Five years later, reading all this...

Clark and her cabinet have done massive damage since she became BC's head mafia boss. Her whole gig is on the line and everyone knows that she is a #$%%#

Jon Ghun said...

Hate to have to do it but: Just got this...

..."Christy Clark ‏@christyclarkbc Jul 21
Historic day for BCians – Gov't has passed legislation that sets the stage for extraordinary LNG opportunity. #BCpoli http://bit.ly/1DtaQQv"

Just keepin' it real.

Still think you're more than right about this cock-up LNG gambit; but these frigggin' bandits ain't listenin'to the truth or reason.

i know you know this is ain't over till it's over.

Plenty of hard sloggin' still ahead.

I think The key is going to be the first nations' sentiment(s).

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.


John's aghast said...

Hey Christy Dumb Clark. Wake up! LNG is a lost cause (read Grant's column, above) If you're going to give the stuff away, give it the locals. Yes, to the Canadian manufacturers, the transportation industry and the poor people trying to heat their houses (winter WILL come again, in spite of climate warming).
Give the local industries a chance to become competitive, BC Ferries to reduce their costs and the CN Railway to make the once productive BC Rail viable again. As an aside, are you aware that passage on the Port Hardy to Bella Coola route requires booking a year ahead! Can you envision the economic gains garnered if there was another sailing! Everyone would win. Instead you piss money and resources against the wall, flogging a dead horse.
Give your head a shake lady and get with the times!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now we have the Harper cons over at Alex Jones' Infowars.com saying how great he is.

Never seen them there before.

- STOP HARPER - Vote Pixie Hobby, NDP candidate south Surrey/White Rock.


Anonymous said...

BC weather modifying can cloud seed to make it rain, as can HAARP so why the hell aren't they????

Oh right, the BC liars and the Harper cons want B.C. to burn baby, burn....


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was reminded of your article today when I read in the Malaysian Newspaper today a comment from Mike de Jong during his visit to Malaysia today...

Canada has the second-largest proven reserves of natural gas in the world, De Jong said. “But it has to this point been a resource that has been used exclusively in continental North America. Malaysian technology will be used to help us take that resource and in liquefied form make it available all around the world,” he said.

So Canada has the "second-largest PROVEN reserves ? Is he lying ????


Guy in Vic

John's aghast said...

Great job Marc Lee! Why weren't you there two years ago.