Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gaza and The Goons

Written by Mark Taliano
Nothing much has changed since 1492, except the weapons are far more devastating, and the hypocrisy is much deeper.

Manifest Destiny now extends overseas with the U.S Empire’s on-going embrace of the “might is right” doctrine, and its perpetuation of war crimes to advance imperial conquest. 

Israel, a strong ally of Empire, is thought to be a spearhead for U.S hegemony in the Middle East, and the rules of international law and peace are being defied on a daily basis as Gaza shakes beneath the terror of daily bombardments.

Israel is defying U.N Resolution 242 , and the Fourth Geneva Convention every time a thousand pound fragmentation bomb shreds civilians, every time weaponized phosphorous rips through a toddler’s body, and in a myriad other ways.

Flowing from the tragedy of 9/11, and the concomitant conspiracy to protect the guilty; reinforced by the fraudulent, open-ended “War On Terror,” and the genocidal conquest of the Middle East, lies the black residue of the truth: illegal corporate profiteering.

As in the invasion of the Americas, starting in 1492, racism is an instrument of war, countries are divided and ruined, and the few are profiting to the detriment of the many.  

Permanent war means military industrial complexes, and other instruments that support Death Inc., including corporate media, continue to blindly turn profits; it also means that the world is becoming further destabilized, and that trajectories toward peace, freedom, democracy, and globalized efforts to address imminent threats to life itself, continue to elude us.

The institutions and people who are perpetuating this evil are emboldened by layer upon layer of impunity, and their crimes are continuing.

Israel’s largely American-supplied war machine—though Canada is increasingly adding to the mix--- is perpetuating the imperial cycle of conquest: a technologically advanced force is imposing its monstrous will on a vilified, relatively defenceless people.

The indigenous peoples being killed are the Palestinians; and the coveted commodity is gas. Israel’s illegal conquest and occupation in Gaza means that Israel -- and the U.S, and Britain--- will be able to control and own more ill-gotten resources as it further disempowers Gaza, which is currently not much more than a concentration camp.  

The coveted riches – the Gaza Marine Reserves  -- are located well within Gaza’s territorial waters, but this hasn’t stopped the invaders.

A September 27, 2000 article, “Russia preparing to develop Gaza gas field,uncovers the truth behind the lies.  As early as 2000, Palestine chose to engage Russia as a possible developer of a resource whose revenues are valued from $6 to $7 billion per year.

As Naomi Wolf explains on her Facebook page: “… (the) Palestinian Authority committed the ultimate mistake, they tried to avoid doing “business" ie being held hostage economically, by US interests (and Israeli and British) … with their own chosen partners because it was their own resources -- so -- voila. This is an object lesson to any other such foolhardy heads of state...”

But it doesn’t end there.  Dick Cheney is also making an entrance.  Genie energy, now has “exclusive rights” to a 153 square mile radius of the Golan Heights, an area to which Israel’s administration is not recognized by international law.

Once again, Cheney is involved in illegal profiteering to advance corporate profits and U.S hegemony, contrary to the rule of international law.

And so the murderous cycle continues: Zionism, which is the antithesis of Judaism, is the new oppressor,  the Palestinians are the new “Indians”, and the conquest for riches subordinates all considerations of humanity and the rule of law. 

Predatory economic practices, welded to imperial war machines, continue to destroy liberties at home and abroad, and increasingly powerful transnational corporations are establishing the rules of the “game.”

The elites will continue to profit, as is the custom, but their ascendancy may well be short-lived.  New threats, including man-made global warming, are imposing themselves on the world, and their reckless degeneracy may be forced to submit.

The parasitical corporate emperors are wearing no clothes.

 Mark Taliano


The Straight Goods

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Just for the Record said...

Canada's New Democratic Party supports Israeli war crimes: Op-Ed:

As the death toll in Gaza continues to mount, Canada's social democratic New Democratic Party (NDP) has come under increasing criticism for its failure to denounce the murderous assault being carried out by the Israeli government.

Anonymous said...

A Jew rabbi in Tel Aviv declared a religious edict (Fatwa) yesterday, and in it he demanded the Israeli soldiers to show no mercy during the battle, to kill all the people in Gaza, and to burn Gaza down to ashes.

Nothing honorable about shooting kids, women, civilian, burn homes and villages, poisoning the soil and killing the animals.... A good soldier is a dead soldier.

Anonymous said...

Harper and his huge entourage paid a visit to Israel? I have smelled a rat since then and something rotten is afoot. Anything Harper has a hand in, will be evil and corrupt to the core. Count on it.

When it was said? The deaths of the Palestinian children was, merely collateral damage, the anger around the world exploded? There is a petition going around the globe against, Israel and their supporters. The signatures must be in the millions by now.

As far as honor, decency, ethics or morals anon 6:50? Harper doesn't even have a minute shred.

James F said...

"Like blackbirds in flight, packs of reporters darken the sky, moving in swarms at the same speed and in predictable trajectory. When one lands, they all land. When one leaves, they all leave. The programmers and channel controllers from all the stations are part of the same well-paid elite, steeped in the same values, committed to the mission of maximizing audience share and profits. They are chosen for their ability to play the game and not challenge the audience with too many controversial ideas or critical perspectives. It's no surprise that they circulate easily within the commanding heights of media power, moving from company to company and job to job. A kind of group think corporate consensus, steeped in market logic and deeply inbred by an un-brave news culture, breeds conscience-free conformity and self-censorship. This makes frightening sense in a globalized economy where consumerism is more desired than active citizenship, where power is increasingly concentrated and the public is increasingly unwelcome in a public discourse defined by the powerful. If your goal is to numb people and drive them away from active participation, then TV as "weapon of mass distraction"and wall to wall entertainment makes sense. Shut up and shop is the now the message, one that makes sense to advertiser dominated media outlets..."

-- Danny Schechter, Dung on all their Houses, Toward Freedom magazine, December / January 2000

Cocoabean said...

You started off so well, lambasting the evil governments...but drifted off into the usual "99% vs. 1%" "evil corporations"/class warfare stuff...

And they DON'T "work together": only one outfit has a monopoly on violence, armies, guns, courts, cops and jails. The other, although large, is unarmed and in any case can be laid low simply by denying them the succour of government...

That's 4 for 4 said...

President of the Canadian Green Party channels Mark Regev
Interventions Watch | July 28, 2014

Paul Estrin is the President of the Green Party of Canada. He recently shared his thoughts on the current fighting in Israel and Gaza.

I thought his comments were worth going over in some detail, if only because they’re so incongruous with what I believe to be some fundamental ‘Green’ principles: namely equality, social justice, human rights and self-determination.
So without further ado . . .
On the Israeli ‘withdrawal’ from Gaza in 2005, Estrin writes:
‘Israel decided to leave, fighting its own citizens, showing once more that it sticks to its word about the settlements not being permanent, but instead something to be removed painfully if peace is achievable to be had’.
But Alvaro De Soto, who was the U.N.’s Peace Envoy to the Middle East at the time, gives quite a different version of events.
In a leaked U.N. report from 2007, he writes that:
‘I don’t think the disengagement marked in any way a conversion by Sharon to the idea of an independent and viable Palestinian state – on the contrary, it was basically a spectacular move that killed and put into ‘formaldehyde’ the Road Map, to quote his key advisor. Sharon used the disengagement to gain vital concessions from the U.S. – including the Bush letter of assurances on retention of settlement blocs and non-return of Palestinian refugees to Israel – while proceeding with the construction of the barrier and the implementation of more settlers in the West Bank.

More on this zionist blaming the victims for being victimized can be found here:

This now makes a clean sweep. All four of the so-called major political parties in Canada have come out in full support of Zionist genocide in Palestine.

Think about that for a while and see how it feels in your craw.

We're All Going To Be Palestinians Before Long said...

Gaza: The Makings of a Modern Day Dystopia

Are we going to stand back and spectate while the ugly foundations of a modern day dystopia are laid in front of our eyes? Or will our common humanity unite us and compel us to act to help save the people of Gaza? In saving them, we save ourselves.

Holding On To A Busted Hand said...

Israel Still Swears Hamas Kidnapped Those Teens

Prime Minister Netanyahu had promised that Hamas would pay for the murder of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach, and Gilad Shaar.

But on Friday, Jon Donnison, a BBC reporter, citing the the spokesman, Mickey Rosenfeld, called Israel’s claim that Hamas was responsible into question.

Donnison tweeted that Rosenfeld told him that while the cell on the West Bank was operating alone, it was affiliated with Hamas. However, it did not receive direct orders from Hamas leadership.

Those tweets became the basis for a widely shared blog post saying Israel now conceded that the kidnappers acted in a lone cell and Hamas had nothing to do with it.

The twittersphere exploded with I-told-you-so’s from pro-Palestinian activists, who claimed Israel had manipulated events surrounding the killing of the teens to prepare for and justify its assault on Gaza, which has since killed more than 1,000 Palestinians.

Rosenfeld is now recanting his admission, but we don't need his word anyway. The claim that HAMAS kidnapped and killed those teens never made any sense at all. HAMAS and FATAH had just formed their unity government. They needed world support for what they were doing and would not have carried out an act that would turn world opinion against them.

Kidnapping and killing those three teens does not get HAMAS anything it needs.

Kidnapping and killing those three teens does get Netanyahu what he needs; an excuse to bomb Gaza

Almost Makes Me Proud To Be A Canadian, Again said...

Man from Newfoundland wants Prime Minister Charged for Advocating Genocide against The Palestinians!

Andrew Abbass didn’t quite know what to expect when he walked in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary’s Corner Brook headquarters on Monday morning.
Abbass was there to file a complaint.
Nothing unusual there for the police force, but the focus of his complaint was a little out of the ordinary.
Abbass is seeking to have Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird charged with advocating for genocide.
“They accepted it and filed the case,” he said shortly after leaving the RNC.
His complaint, which also alleges creation and dissemination of propaganda, breach of public trust and uttering threats, stem from comments Harper and Baird have made about the ongoing Israeli conflict.
“In painting Hamas and the people of Gaza as a terrorist organization they’re basically sanctioning the killing of civilians,” said Abbass.
He’s put together a document that outlines the reasons for the requested charges that can be found via a link in an online petition at
- See more at:

Zionism IS the Hidden HandConfidence Fairy said...

US Complicit In Gaza Slaughter
Supplies Israel With Bombs Amid Gaza Blitz

By Al Jazeera and Agencies

Pentagon says Israel allowed to tap local US arms stockpile in past week to resupply it with grenades and mortar rounds.

Video Documents the Killing of Journalist Ramy Ryan by Israeli/US Missiles

Warning: Graphic Video

A graphic video showing the killing of journalist Ramy Ryan in Gaza and an attack on an ambulance and rescue workers, by Israeli air strikes.

Israel Lobby Galvanises Support for Gaza War

By Mitchell Plitnick

Israel's enemies are our enemies. As long as I'm Speaker, this will be our cause." John Boehner.

Connectig the Dots: Zionist Occupied Britain said...

David Ward, a member of the British Parliament, who has the right as a British citizen and member of Parliament to express his opinion, said that if he lived in Gaza under Israeli oppression, he would likely fire a rocket into Israel.

The British media and government is yet to criticize Israel for its crimes, but instantly attacked Ward for his “vile comments.” A Conservative member of Parliament, Nadhim Zahawi wrote the Metropolitan Police demanding an investigation into Ward’s statement “as a matter of urgency.” The Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps declared Ward’s statement to be an “incitement to violence,” a felony. The craven Labour Party declared Ward’s opinion to be “so vile and irresponsible” that “it defied belief.”

The Liberal Democrats of which Ward is a member “utterly condemned” Ward’s remarks and declared that Ward would be subject to disciplinary hearings and may permanently be expelled from the party.

There you have it. A member of Parliament in the country that invented freedom of speech expresses an honest opinion, and he is dead meat. Ward’s harmless remarks killed no one. The Israelis with weapons supplied by Washington have, at this time of writing murdered more than 1,200 people. But it is Ward who must be restrained, not Israel. Ward’s remarks are declared “vile and irresponsible” but not Israel’s murder of 1,200 people