Monday, January 21, 2019

Craig James...You are now a marked man, watch your back!

A blast from the Straight Goods past.....November/2010

Strange times have descended upon the earth, we now live in a world where the "Greed Monsters" rule and children, seniors, workers are but disposable impediments......

In the UK, now Ireland, spain, Greece, the US and coming to our country very very soon, we hear the continual drone of messaging from Conservative neo-cons in all corners of the world, we are living too long, we expect too many underserved entitlements, austerity measures are required(read taketh away your everything).....

Taxes on liquor and tobacco must be raised and raised because of the health cost arising from their use, yet when citizens of the world through clean living live longer and longer then were told that pensions and health care are unsustainable.

Every morning at 8:25am Michael Campbell beats the drum about how pensions must be slashed, health care is unsustainable, entitlements of working stiffs must be rolled back, he applauds the "austerity measures" taken by the UK, now by Ireland, here in BC we have the lowest corporate tax rate in the world(and that was before the HST)...Campbell cut their share of school taxes in half, tax break after tax break that lead to zeros on the Government balance sheet.

Offshore tax havens are everywhere, profits and cash funneled out of the country and hidden, no taxes paid and when big corporations have a bad year every loss is written off against future profits.

Hedge fund managers making $billion dollar paycheques,.

Henry Paulson paid a $600 million dollar bonus when he left Goldman Sachs, pure greed by the few, fraudulent securities and financial instruments, corporations who failed to fund private pensions and keep their promises to workers, those companies who couldn`t slash pensions merely fold up tent claim insolvency and poof, no more pensions, .....Australia tried to impose a "super profits" mining tax and BHP Bilton (mining giant) overthrew the Australian Government, they spent $100 million dollars advertising against the Government and ultimately against the people, ...Ireland was the investment capital hotbed for several years, Ireland had slashed the corporate tax rate to the lowest in the world, companies moved there, investments were made but the Government reaped no reward, empty coffers, a housing bubble took effect, Irish banks played loosey goosey and when the shit hit the fan when all the bundled securities were opened up and revealed they were made of air the fire alarm bell went off and now....

And now in the UK and in Ireland school tuition is being tripled, welfares rates cut in half, workers being laid of by the millions, new user fees on health services, on everything, austerity measures from hell, this is happening in Spain, in Greece, Ireland, the uK, the US will be next and Canada, the Michael Levy`s, Michael Campbell`s the Fraser institute beat the drum everyday demanding the same thing here, the howls by the Fraser institute for lowering corporate taxes more and more and the screams of agony when anyone suggests raising the minimum wage....

Tesako mines and Teck Cominco with record profits despite the recession caused by Wall Street, the S&P  companies sitting on $trillions of dollars, banks not lending money, credit card usuary rates, $trillions of dollars in tax havens in the Cayman islands, Bermuda and when the big boys got in trouble because playing with  $billions of dollars weren`t enough they dabbled in the spatial game of derivatives, credit default swaps, games being played with pixels and numbers on computer screens, the derivative market is a $800 trillion dollar market, 10 times more money in the world and when the big boys got caught with their pants down they come cap-in-hand to the Government banks and printing presses for bail outs, if the Government refused they threatened to fire all employees, move to cheaper slave lands where politicians can be bought for pennies rather than dollars.

So now the people of the world are being told their entitlements are gone, tuitions tripled, the wrath is directed at the weakest and payback is coming from the poorest, to those with no voice, no representation, not once has any Government said that corporate taxes will be raised, the howls from Gordon Campbell`s brother Michael Campbell, the screams of pain from the Fraser institue, the old saying comes back again and again, "corporations don`t pat taxes people do"..In other words a veiled threat that if taxes are raised so will be their prices, a vicious self-sustaining circle.....

We have reached a crossroads in time, the battle between the commoners and the robberbarons, politicians have never been so corrupt, they receive directorships and lucrative lifelong taxpayer guaranteed pensions.

And as the dollars are ripped from the public, credit cards and interest payments become a National  staple and the bombardment of ads promising economic freedom by merely handing over your money to Wall Street and investment firms never quit, the greed has rooted itself in the underbelly of finance and Government,  Tesako prosperity mine and Fish Lake,  they fought to destroy our water, our fish, a way of life for a Nation .......And when the project went the Federal Government for approval......Drum roll please...

Two weeks before the decision someone leaked to the big boys and they dumped the stock faster than a hot potato...The trading was at ten times the normal level, there has been an rcmp investigation into insider trading and isn`t that a coincidence that Jim Prentice who made the decision resigned the day after to take on a cushy gig at a big bank!

Big banks at one time had to stay capitalized, not no more, US banks are ready to fall again for playing games

The FBI in the US have raided three giant hedge funds for fraud and insider trading

And then you get the likes of the Fraser institute, CD Howe, Tom Freidman, Wall Street who want less regulation, less oversight.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg coming down the pipe, here in B.C. you could write a book on fraudulent accounting  and bookeeping within Government, Governments around the world are bought and sold like trading cards and representation for people, for children, for human life is all but gone, that`s what the tea party movement is all about, that`s what Recall is all about, the anger, the riots in Europe, I was touched by the Irish School kids today who are wondering why they are paying the price for the greed and financial crimes of Wall Street  and corrupt politicians.

Here in BC prices are rising faster than anywhere in Canada, the HST is a fraud, a $2billion dollar theft every year from we BCers, no prices will ever drop with the HST, the BC Liberal Government is the most corrupt government in canada, the tentacles are everywhere, Government staffers being rewarded at IPPs, directorships, they all have one thing in common, they are BC Liberals, our democracy in the Province has been stolen, the getaway car is speeding down the highway, we must throw out a spike strip before our freedom is all but gone!

And today, the  "Effing" Beuracrat Craig James at Elections BC has rejected the Oak Bay recall registration, he claims the acronym MLA not one word, Craig James claims that MLA is 5 words!!!!!!!....As in Member of the legislative assembly....Harmonized sales tax.....So now they have to re-file, and that includes many many registrations, .....Craig James could of phoned the petitioner and said there are too many words but chose not to....Craig James is an Effing bought and paid stooge and if he was in front of me I may be in jail right for what I would do to him...Sorry about the anger, The BC Liberals have seen the polls done in Oak Bay and they know Ida Chong has chomped her last lunch and this is nothing but a deliberate attempt to subvert justice and democracy....

The line in the sand has been drawn today friends...It`s us against the Government, us againt Bill fat mouth Good, us against Christy Clucking Clark, us against tryanny, .....You made a huge error with your flunkie Craig James today Gordon Campbell...

 You have spawned a brand new invigorated anger that won`t be quelled until your gone, defeated and jailed, the books will be opened, the crimes exposed.

"It`s always darkest before we see the light at the end of the tunnel"

Your party is dead Campbell, your henchmen will be romoved, Falcon, Coleman, De Jong, Corrupt Heed, Bond, Bell, you lying dogs are going down.

And where the hell is our railway, CN Rail haven`t paid for it yet, we want it back......Your going to Hell Campbells, Gordon and Michael!!! 

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, looks like the Liberals have been giving the Straight Goods have you seen their site?

Grant G said...

Sorry about the late editing...All better now..Running late..Back in a couple of days.


Grant G said...

The BC Government live and breathe at our site...We scare the hell out of them, they ain`t seen nothing yet!

Anonymous said...

It's time to storm the Bastille!

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that the greediest of the greediest gets whats coming to them but I'm not sure when and how that is going to happen. I think the big understanding that I have is; the people have the ability to change things, the question is will they and who will be able to organize such a huge undertaking as taking on the system. They(super wealthy) will not roll over with submission. I know there are wise people who understand complexities but this is a colossal undertaking demanding intelligence and wisdom. The trick is to make monumental changes without violence.

Anonymous said...

you would probably like the songs bulls on parade, take the power back, and killing in the name of by Rage Against the Machine... You may not like the music, but probably the sentiment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have always admired Premier Danny Williams who resigned today. He's leaving December 3 and second in command (Deputy Premier) will take over on that day.
Why not the same here in BC?? Campbell's excuse for staying on just doesn't pass 'muster'.
Elections BC decision on the first recall petition doesn't pass 'muster' either....disgusting, bias, if not 'illegal' in my opinion.
Campbell took back 15% Income Tax break (which doesn't amount to a "hill of beans" for the modest income earners but would be $600 to those making over $72,000.00. However, more important to me would be that a stop be put to his reorganization of Ministries; that is 'huge' change and undertaking that should be the onus of a duly elected leader (not a "resigned leader" taking a longer than necessary exit route).

Anonymous said...

I know that the Liberal Crime Family is the most corrupt government in Canada and that even the Mafia would be in awe of how easy it was for the Liberals to corrupt every facet of the politcal, judicial, business and MSM structure in B.C. in such a short period of time and to tell you the truth it actually amazes me, until I realized today that it all boils down to one thing, money. Nobody in BC should think for one minute that these corrupt pricks are going to stop their lying,cheating,hiding the truth, ways until we pry their dead hands off the controls. And they (the Liberals and their Corporate Masters ) will use any means possible to keep up their scum sucking pig ways.

Paul said...

Well, it looks like the people running the Elections BC website in their stupidity forgot to hide each folder behind an "index.html" file.

This is really funny.

Go to the Index of Elections BC /docs/ folder

scroll down to the rcl/ folder

Folder creation date = 24-Nov-2010

Click on the rcl/ folder or go to the Index of Elections BC /docs/rcl

Download the PDF file.

Creation date = November 24, 2010 2:51 PM

Now I know what Bill Vander Zalm was talking about this morning.

Bill Vander Zalm: "Craig James obviously made it up yesterday when he decided this would be another way to serve his BC Liberal masters by trying to sabotage the Recall petition."
Original 19(2)(c) (November 3, 2010)

(c) a statement, not exceeding 200 words, setting out why, in the opinion of the applicant, the recall of the Member is warranted.

Craig James added this little gem to 19(2)(c) yesterday.

"Elections BC will count the number of words in the statement as if the written statement was being read aloud. Further, abbreviations, numerals, acronyms and initialisms will be read as if they were written in full."

Then he created a new folder and placed the .PDF into a new folder.

Craig James is a Pinocchio pooch.

cherylb said...

Perhaps Mr. Craig James, Acting CEO of Elections BC, a "non-partisan, independent office" could tell me why the "number of words in proponent statement" document was created on November 24th AFTER the Oak Bay-Gordon Head Recall application was rejected, as seen when checking the document properties on the Elections BC website?

I'm sure there must be a good explanation. I'm open to hearing it.

Anonymous said...

Well, the first pension Michael Campbell can obliterate, is his corrupt brothers, Gordon Campbell, and all of the BC Liberal ministers and mla's. Everyone of them are as useless as, a tit on a boar. We know Campbell got rid of the two honest members, of Elections BC. Campbell hand picked Craig James, because, he is another butt kissing boy of his. The BC Liberal Taliban party, even has their own terrorist. Mr. James even sent the RCMP to terrorize, elderly people, who mistakenly signed the HST petition twice. This is Mr. James finest hour. Did everyone watch Global TV last night? Teachers said, BC children are so hungry, they can't even concentrate, on their lessons. Give three cheers, for the evil, BC Liberal ministers, the mla's, the RCMP and Mr. James, for backing the monster Gordon Campbell to the hilt. All of you deserve a medal of honor, for your ugly deeds. Why did the RCMP refuse to do a further investigation of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR? Will they investigate, Campbell's sea to sky highway scam? Bet they won't. Shame on them for doing, Campbell and James dirty work. It is no wonder, the people don't want the RCMP as an icon for Canada. They were supposed to make some changes for the good, however, nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

I watched on Global TV. Teachers said, BC children are so hungry, they can't even do their lessons. We know, Campbell considers that as a badge of honor. To have the highest number of children living in poverty. His BC Liberal ministers and mla's, support this evil monster Campbell, right to the nth degree. Craig James, another of Campbell's, yes master boys. Sent the RCMP to frighten the elderly and everyone else, into not signing the recall petition. Well, I'm old, and I will sign the recall, even if the RCMP threaten me. Shame on the RCMP, for doing Campbell and James dirty work. Shame on the BC Liberal ministers and the mla's, for backing up the evil Gordon Campbell. The RCMP should be arresting Campbell for crimes against humanity, for starving our BC children. BC people prefer the provincial police. The RCMP's image is in tatters, and they are far too corrupt. However, they know what Campbell wants of them. They happily comply, even though Campbell, craps on our BC children. Way to go RCMP, this is your finest hour.

Wendy said...

Grant, you must check this out.

Kim said...

Good link Wendy, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well said Grant. The thieving Liberals will not stop until there is nothing left to take.

May they all rot underground asap.

Anonymous said...




it is just a coincidence you conspiracy theorists

Anonymous said...

*According to Forbes magazine, the net worth of the 400 richest Americans increased by 8 percent in 2010, to $1.37 trillion, more than the GDP of India, population 1.2 billion.

The greedy bastards never have enough.

Anonymous said...

Looks like wiki has recently been edited. Does anyone know why Wally Oppal stepped down as A-G?

Crankypants said...

Ever since the story came out in the Tyee that Craig James fired Linda Johnson and the MSM refused to cover it, I knew he was placed into the acting CEO job for a reason. The thing that really galls me is how brazen his actions are. He has gone out of his way to screw with anything that may go against the bandits running our province. I wonder how many stuffed brown envelopes he is getting under the table, and whether each envelope is tied to a misdeed.

In a way, it is too bad that the NDP didn't raise a stink when he fired Linda Johnson. They really can't do anything now, as it will look as if they are the driving force behind the recall.


Anonymous said...

google "Naomi Wolfe: Fascism in 10 easy steps"

From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

2. Create a gulag
(gitmo, guantanamo,...)

3. Develop a thug caste
(No police charged for civilian G20 injuries:

4. Set up an internal surveillance system
(The Real Threat to America:

5. Harass citizens' groups
(Craig James sent intimidating letters to over 2,000 British Columbians, including numerous elderly citizens who accidentally signed the Initiative petition twice, threatening them with two years in jail and $10,000 fines only one week before Recalls were set to begin and over three months after the petition had been counted and validated.)

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
(see G20 5m "law")

7. Target key individuals
(what do you have to say Grant? We all saw Bill T's office get trashed)

8. Control the press
(global, canwest,...)

9. Dissent equals treason
(I don't think we're here yet)

10. Suspend the rule of law

jaydee said...

Anon 10:06 pm

The Boss had Wally Oppal run against the very well-liked, hard working Councilor, active resident Vicki Huntington who ran as an independent and beat him in Delta South!!! The gang thought Oppal could take it with his fellow huge ethnic bloc-voting population, gambled and lost. That was after his brother Harry just happened to beat a beef while W.O. was (AG).

Of course the above is in my opinion.

jaydee said...

Paul and Wendy,

Good stuff, thanks for the info.

jaydee said...

Here's hoping Danny Williams has his ambitions set on the Federal Corrupt government. Seems like Layton and Igg have no plans for helping Canada out by coming together. Shame on them. Williams can be our very own Rudy Giuliani.

Hugh said...

BC is on track to meet its budget!

Anonymous said...

"Elections BC will count the number of words in the statement as if the written statement was being read aloud. Further, abbreviations, numerals, acronyms and initialisms will be read as if they were written in full."


I'm surprised James didn't count the number of punctuation marks in the petition too.....

Anonymous said...

I scanned the headlines this morning did I miss something? not another story or screaming healine about the tactics being used by elections bc. and as for the big three news outlets.. the tc read.. cameras in highend condos??? is their top story good god !,
its no wonder the reader ship has dropped off the map and up here beyond hope pat bell is going to try and spear head the prosperity mine with the feds again
Has Campbell gone anywhere!?.. no. nor does he intend to for now until his really big give away is finished with( hydro??) and still the tired old line of the fast ferries pops up sheesh thats 10 yrs old now do those people realize we have given away everything in this province its been sold off contracted out or given away.. BILLIONS
The fast ferries over runs are more likely given Ida Chongs food fest budget might be comparable to all those gas bags at lunch every day for a year, look what they paid those guys from the dregs of bc rail.. hockey games and golf travel half million dollar salaries nice gig for the few friends of the govt.
I wonder how far ahead we would be if we still owned and managed all those crown corps and resources , I feel sick at what has happend here the recall app rejection is appalling to say the least and take note Mr james has left town after making the decision again
NO ACCOUNTABILITY and thats why recall will continue every single one of the lib mla,s stood silent while he passed the gag laws broke contracts and commited fraud on the voters taxed to death and more user fees than you could ever imagine.the hst is nothing just another slap in the face from a criminally insane ass in an office in Victoria
whats left to us when its over? Love your blog grant its the only way we get news in this province any more

Hugh said...

Re: making up the rules as you go:

Leah said...

Grant, hope it's ok to give your readers a heads up about a new article over at Mary's Legislature Raids's an eye opener, in a not-so-good way. People, we do something now...or the last one out of BC can flip the light switch. Off.

cherylb said...

Courtesy of Chad Moats (Kamloops)


•a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name

But then what the hell does Princeton know anyway? We have Craig least, I think we do. We never get to see him or talk to him. He always disappears first.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the exact wording for the Paul Reitsma recall?

How many words in it?

Can't find it on the Elections BC website.

Anonymous said...

Craig James is being accused of, tampering with the Elections BC act. Does he think Campbell won't call him a criminal, and say, James acted without his knowledge, and, cut his throat, as he cut Basi and Virks, who said they were following orders? Has James taken over Hansen's job, of being Goebells? Never have I seen such mentally disturbed people, as the BC Liberals. Teachers said, BC children are so hungry, they can't even do their school work. Campbell considers this, a badge of honor. The ministers, mla's and Craig James, fully support the monster Campbell. The minimum wage, starting at $6.00 per hour, he is especially proud of. Way to go, evil Liberals, your names will be in the history books, right alongside of Campbell's. Shame on you George Abbott and Monica Stillwell, for backing Campbell's deliberate act, of abusing BC's hungry children. Shame on you, Dr. Stillwell, you are a doctor!!!If you rotten, evil Liberals ever think, the BC citizens will ever forget and forgive your treachery against us. WE NEVER WILL.

Anonymous said...

Michael Campbell is a liar. We could easily afford healthcare and education in BC and Canada, if we enacted some fairly simple measures that Campbell never mentions. For example, discontinue Corporate tax cuts, bank bailouts, contributions to IMF European bank bailouts, Afghan takeover(war), outsourcing(raw logs etc.).
The solutions are easy, however never mentioned, as Campbell and those like him are liars.

Paul said...

Paul Reitsma resigned before being recalled so the petition was halted.

QUOTE Elections BC:
The Chief Electoral Officer has approved 20 recall applications since 1995.

Of the 20 petitions issued, four were returned to Elections BC, two proceeded to verification, and one continued through the full verification process.

Nineteen of the 20 petitions failed as they did not collect enough valid signatures.

The other petition was halted during the verification process because the MLA in question resigned.

That of course allowed the Campbell-loving media to continue to declare that Recall has never been successful in BC.

Ida Chong doesn't want to become the first MLA in Canadian history to be Recalled so she will probably resign before being dragged off the property as well.

And the MSM will continue to bullshit us all.

Anonymous said...

The cbc appears to have abruptly disabled commenting - does anyone know what is up?

RossK said...

I've done an analysis on the 1997 successful Skeena petition against H. Giesbrecht.

By my count....

With MLA (twice) - 194 words.

With 'Member of the Legislative Assembly' (twice) - 202 words.

Details, for anyone interested are here.


Anonymous said...

Not related to the article but the followng link for cluckety

Does not show comments at cbc. Any reason why.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever have a dream where you are fighting a monster and keep hitting it and hitting it but the damned thing won't die?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Campbell said, he would be around for some months. He also said, he was going to continue his work. And, indeed he has, his work is dirty as usual. Campbell's dirty tactics, are all around us. We know, Campbell can't afford to have decent honest persons. That's why Neufeld and Johnson had to go. It was beneath their dignity, to lie and cover up for Hansen. Campbell picked James, for his weakness of character, and knew James would kiss his butt, and do Campbell's dirty work for him. Look at, De Jong and Hansen for example. Who in the hell, would ever vote for them? Who, in the hell would vote Liberal, ever again? Every last one of the BC ministers, mla,s, who did not lift one finger, to help BC's hungry children, are as sick as Campbell is. Campbell, Hansen, De Jong, and the BC Liberals, have disgraced, this province and the people in it, all around the globe. How many BC ministers, have been under investigation, during Campbell's time in office? I have lost count. Campbell is terrified of the documents, regarding his corrupt sale of the BCR. He want's to shred them, so he won't go to prison. The RCMP, again have disgraced themselves for, doing Campbell and James' dirty work, AGAIN. They and all of the Liberals, supported Campbell's abuse of BC's hungry children. Shame on you Monica Stillwell, you are a doctor, how can you champion anything as evil, as this BC Liberal government, especially Campbell?

John's Aghast said...

Pretty difficult for a skunk to camouflage his stripe, even after 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Frankly it is difficult to comment freely anywhere. I gave up on theTyee years ago because it is watched all the time and if you actually say anything different or constructive you are immediately banned. Same with hundreds of other (alternative) sites: give your name and email and God knows what else just to have the 'privilege' of making a comment. Knowing all the while that any info you give away will be used to target you for at least adverts and often much more.
The free easy internet has been dead for years.
Good Luck Grant!

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant,
Nice to see you are still around and hope you write a few more articles.